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Skincare isn't just about looking good, it's about feeling good too.

Scandinavian wisdom meets natural skincare

Natural skincare oils, butters and beeswax in white bowls.

Natural Ingredients

Born in the pristine landscapes of Alaska and guided by Scandinavian principles, we pledge to use only natural ingredients. Our commitment to simplicity and purity ensures that every product offers a refreshing touch of the North.

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Handmade & Small Batch

Our process isn't fast, but that what makes it special. We craft each soap and skincare item in small batches, ensuring every piece receives our undivided attention and care.

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White biodegradable lip tubes clustered together.

Sustainable Packaging

Our commitment to natural skincare goes beyond the bottle. As a brand, we're dedicated to sustainability at every step. From sourcing ingredients to packaging, we follow eco-friendly practices that respect both your skin and the planet.

Delve Into Sustainable Skincare

These lotion bars are the most requested gift items from family and friends. Applying after a shower the softness lasts all day! Beautifully and sustainably packaged.


This is hands down the best local lip balm I’ve found! Love it!


Love the soap! All the soaps from this site smell very good and don’t irritate the skin, great natural replacement to ordinary soaps.


Wonderful! Bright and vibrant pink grapefruit soap. Shipped very quickly and packaged well.


LOVE these shower steamers! They are delightful, and really make my showers that much better. Highly recommend giving a try!!!


I ordered several different bars - love them all!! From the smell, the packaging. Wonderful soaps! Shipping was extremely quick.

Michelle K

The soap arrived quickly, packaged up prettily and smells great!


Repeat customer! Excellent products- Super fast shipping (even from Alaska). Great variety to choose from!


I first found this lip balm in Alaska during a cruise with my family. I loved the formula so much that I splurged and bought many for Christmas as gifts for my friends and family, with a few hidden away for myself ;) If you suffer from drip lips and want to be environmentally friendly, this brad is an amazing option :)