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Better For You Bars owner and family.

Great products don't have to be complicated!  Hello, I'm Maura and I'm the founder of Northern Glow Soap & Skincare.  I create products for well-being focused consumers like you, who understand that conventionally produced skincare isn't always the answer.  You'll find a modern-day brand made in an old-fashioned way, with simple, straightforward ingredients from Mother Nature herself.

You'll discover products made with:

Decadent butters and rich oils that add moisture to skin, no petroleum products. 

Organic unrefined shea butter.

Intoxicating aromas produced by pure, high-quality essential oils, no phthalates or synthetic fragrances.

Rich lather produced by organic coconut oil and/or castor oil, no SLS or SLES detergents.

Helpful exfoliation produced by poppy seeds, walnut shells or natural loofah rather than microplastics. 

Vibrant colors produced by natural clays and/or botanicals, never synthetic FD&C's.  

Purple Brazilian clay, rose clay, alkanet root powder used in natural soap making.


Have you ever read the ingredient label on a mass-produced soap and thought "are these ingredients safe for my family and I to use?".  I understand how overwhelming the commercially made skincare realm can feel, which is why I've created a line of handcrafted personal care products that are functional and beautiful.  Knowing exactly what you're purchasing and having a clear understanding of the ingredients that you're applying to your skin is important, I'm with you! 

We believe in the power of slow beauty and the importance of sustainable skincare. Our nourishing ingredients are carefully crafted with mindful wellbeing at the forefront, allowing you to prioritize your mind and body wellness. Say goodbye to toxic beauty and hello to a more loving, gentle approach to natural skincare.

About Me

A woman holding a stack of colorful handmade soaps.

 Becoming a mother completely transformed my way of thinking and inspired me to learn more about the ingredients that are added to skincare products. Many of the everyday soaps, shampoos and lotions that I thought were healthy for my family and I to use left me with a desire for something better, for skincare that wasn't chalk-full of unnatural ingredients.  This inspired me to produce a healthier line of products. One that allows us to reduce the amount of toxins we use on our bodies, one that allows us to decrease our plastic footprint, and allows my family and I to pay-it-forward, donating a portion of our sales to fight food scarcity in Alaska.  

Thank you for spending a moment with me, now I invite you to nurture yourself and the ones you love!